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"I was hospitalized for a broken hip; I prayed for the healing through the Chaplet of Tears and graciously received my petition. I was healed promptly."   

– Katherine Morris, Santa Barbara, CA


"I go to the abortion clinic 5 days a week to pray. Since I received the Chaplet of Tears I have the urge to always say it first before I do other prayers. Today, Saturday, March 13, 2010, I was at the abortion clinic on Alta Arden and Wright Street in Sacramento. I said the Chaplet of Tears with the intention that someone will come and talk to me about her situation so I can direct her to an organization that would help her with her remorse. My prayer was accepted. An older woman came by to thank me for praying and told me that she had an abortion when she was young and still feeling so bad about it. I was able to console and directed her to the Rachel’s Vineyard Post-Abortion Healing Service for her healing and consolation. She cried so much, thanked me then left."

– Barry Barnes, Sacramento, CA


"My children and I have been apart and not been talking to each other for two years because of disagreement and misunderstanding. I missed them very much especially on the Holidays. I always wanted them to come back to my life. Whenever I called them they hung up on me. I came to visit them and they shut the door at me. I have told that pray the Chaplet of Tears will bring peace to the family because the evils will be destroyed. I then prayed the Chaplet of Tears and ask Jesus to reunite my family. Miraculously, it happened right after the next day when I called my children; they talked to me and wanted to visit me. Praise the Lord!  

I also prayed the Chaplet of Tears for my wife, who doesn’t speak English well, to pass the U.S Citizenship Test. She did past the test! Alleluia!"

– Jerry Pham, San Jose, CA


"First my male coworker has regularly not attended Mass at Church for a few years although he was baptized and raised at a Catholic. He is married to his wife whose has different religion. Five months ago, I found out about him and his situation from the other coworker at work; so, I came to approach him more in order to talk about how Jesus Christ and Mother Mary is very important to one's life and especially to any Catholic's marriage. He was willing to hear my talking some how but was not very attentive. Subsequently, I found out about him not going to confession for those years and verbalized his disappointment at the Church teachings. After a few more occasions, I learned that he has not only struggled in his faith but also in his schooling and his future profession, I introduced him to Mother MARY by asking him to pray the Chaplet of Tears. At our later encounter, I still encouraged him to pray to Mother MARY via the prayer “Chaplet of Tears", then I remembered on that day he pulled out the prayer and kissed on the image of Mother Mary from the cover page of the prayer. He said, “I have been praying and I has kept it with me". He then asked me if I would know any retreat coming up soon. Taking this precious moment, I introduced him to attend the pre-cursillo movement gathering for new attendees and Divine Mercy Sunday last April. He did not hesitate to say “yes" to these two events. Amazingly, he was there at both events, enjoyed the Homily and especially he was able to meet most his sisters and his mother (at Divine Mercy Sunday Event) whom he has not seen for a long time. As far as I know, he and his family have rarely had contacts since he got married.

About a month later, I also learned that he passed the exam and entered into the pre-phase of training for his profession. He even said to me this is all thanks to the prayers from his family, the Chaplet of Tear prayer from himself, and a bit of mine.

Secondly, my dad and I had a very terrible fight about his Christianity life a few nights before the miracle happened. In fact, my dad has been away from church for more than 17 years and even before then he did not attend the Mass. My mother was very sorrowful about this matter and she already passed away 8 years ago. After our fight, I know that I had a minor fault in dealing with my father at his misleading and have no respect for Catholic Christians and blaming the church for its errors, I came to realize my mistake and apologized to him for my dishonor but he still insisted that he would not forgive me at all. The rest of my family (my brothers and one of my sisters) also declared to turn away from me for my behavior. I got so sad that I decided to pray 9 day Novena via Chaplet of Divine Mercy following Chaplet of Tears, and One Rosary Mystery to ask God being merciful upon our relationship and ask Mother Mary to intercede for our reconciliation. On the ninth day, my Dad had an acute illness and needed urgent surgery. Thanks to God, I was able to intervene immediately and he got saved. After this incident, my Dad never says anything about my fault to anyone. As a matter of fact, he was very pleasant with his children especially me. Thanks to God my family got reconciled after all."

– Maria A.T., Westminster, CA


"I was at work today. My mind was in so much distress about my husband extra-marital affair. I was feeling very sick almost passing out because I kept remembering the other woman cursing at me in front of my husband. I thought the devil took over my soul. I hurried up pulled out the Chaplet of Tears and prayed it. It did the miracle for my mind. I felt relaxed and peaceful."

– Dinah Abedania, Sacramento, CA


"Ever since the economic was down, my shop didn’t do well. It only generates enough income to pay for the expenses but our debts. I decided to put it up for sale hoping to get some money to pay down our debts so that we don’t struggle on my regular pay check. It has been up for sale for more than a year and has no buyer interest in it. We started to run into financial troubles by using up all our credit cards and not able to pay them on time. One day, I was so frustrated and desperate I called my sister and told her about our financial troubles that I might have to file bankruptcy if I won’t be able to sell the shop.  

She told me to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Chaplet of Tears to seek help from God but I told her that I don’t have time because I work for my regular job and would be on call for the night shift; I have only few hours to sleep. She kept persuade me to pray at least one of the Chaplets. She told me that many miracles happen to those people who praying them and that Mother Mary loves her children who come for her intercession; she will cry to God for helping her children. I then got convinced and said to her I will only pray the Chaplet of Tears. 

Amazingly after the nine days of novena, someone called and wanted to buy the shop. I was so happy and called my sister and let her know about that. Unfortunately, a weak later the transaction fell through. I called my sister again and told her about it; she told me keep praying and have faith. She said that may be God is testing my faith to see if I’m persevering and really trust in him. I then go back and keep praying the Chaplet of Tears. Miraculously, I got someone called and bought the shop within 3 days without any problems. Thanks to Mother Mary and Jesus, with their love and graces I’m able to be on my feet again and less stress now. I’m now praying the Chaplet of Tear daily!"

– M. Quan, Missouri


"I can't find a job due to my DUI conviction. Ms. Mary Cuc Lac gave me a Chaplet of Tears prayer and told me to pray and ask for help from Mother Mary. After praying everyday for two weeks, I finally got a job!"

– Anthony James, Santa Barbara, CA


"My sister gave me the Chaplet of Tears prayer and told me that many people receive blessing from God after praying the chaplet. She encourage me to pray; I just took it but put it away when I got home. One day during the Mass, I have a severe pain in my stomach that I could not bear it. I told my wife to take me home. When we arrived home, the pain is getting worse and worse. It hurt so much that I thought I would died but then I remember the prayer that my sister gave me. I took out the Chaplet of Tears and started to pray and asked Mother Mary to heal me. Instantly, the pain is completely gone!

Another incidence is that I sold a car to a man. He told me that he wanted to take the car now and will pay me the rest of the money in a few days because he did not have enough cash with him. I trusted him and signed off the paper and gave him the keys to the car. After a few days I didn’t hear from him. I called him several times but he didn’t answer my calls. I started to worry and called him again to ask for the rest of the money but this time he yelled at me, threatened me and hung up on me. I was so upset and scared but I remember what Mother Mary helped me when I prayed the Chaplet of Tears last time. So I prayed the Chaplet of Tears and asked Mother Mary to convert the man’s mind so that he can pay his remaining debts. Unbelievably, within half an hour I received a phone call from him; he apologized and asked if I’m home so he can come by and deliver the money. I was so happy that I called my other sister whom was in doubt about the Chaplet of Tears prayer and encourage her to pray for all her needs and troubles. Now, she and I strongly believe in the power of praying; we pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Chaplet of Tears at 3:00 o’clock almost daily now. Thank God and his Mother for their graces and blessings bestow on us!"

– Andy P., San Jose, CA


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