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"On the evening of March 10, 2010, I fell in the kitchen twisting my left leg. I prayed, hoped it is only a sprain and not a fracture. The intensity of the pain did not put me to sleep; I kept on praying the Chaplet of Tears and asked the Lord please help me. The following morning my son brought me to the Sutter Hospital in Tracy. The pain was so severe in getting in and out of the car. I was admitted, and a preoperative procedure was done. The X-ray showed a hip fracture on the left leg. I was scheduled for left hip replacement surgery (ortho plasty hip bone)the following day. In deep thought I prayed and offered to our Lord Jesus and his dearest Mother that all my pains and this surgery was joined in his suffering and death on the cross. In my meditation I can feel the presence of our Lord "Fear not I am with you." All my pains, fears and anxiety were gone. The operation lasted 2 1/2 hours and it was very successful. The doctor told me I can completely heal in 4-6 months.

Praise the Lord, my greatest healer and through the tears of His Dearest Mother for all the help, blessings and graces received and all the prayers answered. I believe in the power of prayer. Our dearest Mother helped me facilitate my speedy recovery."

– Josie Padero, Manteca, CA


"I prayed the Chaplet of Tears for a few times after I had a fight with my best friend; we made up right away and became friends again because the devil vanished from us through the powerful prayer of Chaplet of Tears. Another incident happened, one mentally lady patient had a fight with two other mental illness patients and I prayed the Chaplet of Tears to the Blessed Mother Mary and immediately the devil disappeared through the powerful prayer. It even brought peace to everybody and we all were in speaking terms. We celebrated, made peace and ate cake and had soft drinks in the boarding house for the mental illness patients. I am a legionary with bi-polar."

– Mrs. Annette Arce, San Jose, CA


"After having so many problems in getting a visa to London, in January 2009, my sister prayed 13 days novena with the Chaplet of Tears, she got the visa on the 9th day.

In March 2009, one of my cousin in India started to pray the Chaplet of Tears for 13 days, with the intention for her husband who never went to church for more than 30 years. On the 13th day of her novena, he went to church for the first time. Praise the Lord!

For a year my niece, in London (May 2009), was trying to get a driver’s license and she was failing all the time. She only had one more chance to get the license. She needed to pass the driver’s license test for her job. She started to pray the Chaplet of Tears before she took her last driving test and she got her license. Praise the Lord!

Two of my friends found their jobs after praying the Chaplet of Tears for 13 days, one in Sacramento and another in Ohio.

One of my friend, Mini, was healed from her severe shoulder pain after praying the Chaplet of Tears.

After praying the Chaplet of Tears, another friend healed from a long time chest pain which she had suffered mentally and physically. No doctors were able to find the cause after an intense check-up; her husband is also a doctor.

One of my friend in New York had a fish bone stuck in her throat and got relieved immediately after she said the prayer of Chaplet of Tears.

My sister called me from India tells me another miracle. I gave the Chaplet of Tears to one of my cousin in India, November 2009, to pray for their daughter, Shalet, having problem with her marriage. Shalet had a very abusive (physical, mental, and financial) marriage life; she and her husband have been separated for almost a year. She has one baby less than a year old; neither her husband, Biju, nor his family cared for this baby. They didn’t even come to visit the baby. Shalet’s mother (my cousin) did not start to pray the Chaplet of Tears until May 2010 for her daughter’s intentions. In less than a month, Shalet's husband is changed and called Shalet that he wants to be with her and their baby. He apologized to her and asked her to forgive him and start a new life together. He even called his and her parish priests to settle this down. They both return to India (they were in Rome working) together with their baby. Praise the Lord!

On June 14, 2010 I gave the Chaplet of Tears prayer to one of my co-worker. She was sad and unable to sleep at night. Her only child is serving for the U.S. military in Afghanistan. She is afraid that some thing is going to happened to him and she want to see him so badly. She started to pray the Chaplet of Tears daily. On June 28, 2010 she told me that her son is coming home next week and she is very happy.

Last month from Canada, Brother Babu gave the Chaplet of Tears to one of his friend who was going to India. When he reached India and opened his suit case, where this chaplet and the rosary were kept, he smelled a very strong rose fragrance coming out from the Chaplet of Tears prayer card and the rosary. Praise God and Thanks to Mother Mary and the whole company of heaven."

– Lissy Kunnassery, Manteca, CA


"I have a son who was committed a crime; if sentence he will be put to jail for many years. I prayed the Chaplet of Tears so that God have mercy on my son and asked God to lessen his jail time. On my son’s sentence day, the judge sentenced my son for only 1 year due in jail. I can never thank God enough for his blessing to my family."

– Mother of a Sinner, U.S.A.


"I gradually started to introduce Chaplet of Tears to each of my family members including the married couples and their children since the inception of Chaplet of Tears in September 2009. Following the recovery of her surgery and being free of ovary cancer by praying the Chaplet of Tears together with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Mystery rosary, my sister in-law and my brother started to believe in the power of prayer. After this incidence, I recommended them to pray for God's mercy towards our sinful mankind and the Chaplet of Tears to drive away devil and its evil spirit from tempting Priests, Brothers and Sisters, especially aborting children. In my own household, we have continued to pray the Chaplet of Tears daily since then.

About two months ago, my sister and I suddenly felt like why we don't start to ask all family members including those married and children to pray for the family through the Divine Mercy and Chaplet of Tears every month. For a long time, my large family members have not prayed together at all and even those married families do not pray in their own families either. Since my introduction of Chaplet of Tears, those married families later learned about the Divine Mercy and committed to pray each day.

The other day when I came to one of my married siblings, one sister in-law of mine told me, "My nine years-old son and I just finished praying the Divine Mercy and Chaplet of Tears at 3 p.m." I was so overjoyed to hear about this good news. Now, some of my married siblings, my sisters and I have prayed these two prayers every month starting June 2010. Thank you Mother Mary for changing our family praying lifestyle and thanks to You, our families is being brought back to God."

– Maria A.T., Westminster, CA



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